Welcome to my blog Impact Investing. If you’re like me you found this site searching for information on how to make your investment dollars align with anything you actually care about but didn’t actually find a whole lot, You discovered there isn’t much information out there on the whole topic of impact or environmental, social, governance (ESG) investing. I will share my experiences here.

DogMax doing his best Anne of Green Gables impression

Let’s get two things out of the way right up front. I do not have a lot of money and I am not an investment professional. I’m a normal person who cares about his values and is interested in investing.

This isn’t my first rodeo in the blog world. For 10 years I ran the site Sustainable is Good where I covered developments and innovations in green product design and packaging. I work in government (no not for “Stable Genius”) and have been involved in local politics serving for four years as a councilman in our town. I live in New England with my husband who runs Nick Haus and our somewhat kooky dog, known affectionately as DogMax

Photos on this site are my own.